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A Great Story in Each and Every Countertop!

May 11th, 2010 | No comments

If you are looking to distinguish your bathroom and kitchen countertops from the rest of the crowd, you are in luck. With Vetrazzo’s recycled glass countertops, you not only get to express yourself through its unique designs and patterns, but also enjoy the bragging rights of marching in step with the ‘green’ movement.

Vetrazzo countertops boast a sleek and shiny surface that blends well into both outdoor and interior environments.

While the volume of environmentally friendly products continue to grow steadily in consumer markets everywhere, very few companies actually offer quality and reliability at the level Vetrazzo prides itself upon. Vetrazzo aims to convince people that when it comes to environmentally friendly products, there is no need to sacrifice aesthetic beauty. As such, we can take comfort in the fact that the elegant, sleek countertops before our eyes are actually 85% recycled glass.

Each and every countertop surface is truly unique in pattern and design.

Furthermore, Vetrazzo is constantly fighting hard to sustain our environment by reusing unwanted glass discarded by other industries. Each countertop comprises of 550 pounds of glass from items such as bottles, windshields, traffic lights, etc; the year of 2007 saw Vetrazzo converting a whopping 250 tons of glass into quality products worthy of being displayed in art galleries.


Vetrazzo countertops possess an elegance that is distinctive from luxurious materials such as granite and marble.

Another interesting point to note is the economical impact of Vetrazzo’s business in the countertop industry; many jobs have opened up for workers in California and future opportunities are still growing.

These recycled glass countertops are equally practical for use in the kitchen and bathroom.

Each and every Vetrazzo countertop differs in pattern and origin from the others; each having its own unique history. When you get your hands on your own, you will attain a “Certificate of Transformation” which will tell you the exact origin of the glass in your countertop. The surface in your Vetrazzo countertop tells the story of its origin, its transformation, and of you.

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