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An Inexpensive Home-Office Project that Adds Value to your Home

May 12th, 2010 | No comments

Creating a comfortable home office is vital for your overall well-being; plus, it adds tremendous value to your home. While most of us would opt for the easy way out with a couple of office desks, chairs, and shelves oddly placed around the room and call it a home office, an inexpensive yet visually enhancing layout is far from being impossible to achieve.

Consider the following case study of a snug home office that is constructed by initially laying out desk-height cabinets as bases along the walls. A hardwood countertop is then placed over these cabinets to provide ample working area. Another popular choice for countertops in home offices is the Laminate countertop. Furthermore, cabinets installed overhead provide extra storage space.

A corner desk area is created by linking a hardwood countertop with adjoining base cabinets and the wall. It is important to leave ample leg space under the hardwood countertop to maximize working comfort.

Wall cabinets line the wall area above the working space. It is crucial to create sufficient room for placement of computers, books, and office supplies above the countertop. The wall cabinets can vary in shade and design from the base cabinets to generate visual interest and a unique home office.


Home office designs like this one offer great flexibility in terms of countertop material choices. For inexpensive, functional, and beautiful options, solid hardwood or even laminate countertops would do just fine. Corian and granite countertops would also be great for a luxurious appearance.

Source: High Lands Designs website


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