FLOFORM BlogNo more lugging around bulky material samples!

No more lugging around bulky material samples!

May 13th, 2010 | No comments

DuPont recently launched an application for use on apple platforms such as the iPhone and iPod Touch. Available as a free download at the iTunes store, the ‘mySurface’ application is basically a portable catalogue of colors and finishes available for Corian and Zodiaq countertops. 



Corian’s success in the countertop industry is based largely upon the sheer range of colors and styles offered, while Zodiaq is popular for its durability and resistance against scratches. In the past, sales professionals and designers faced the problem of having to lug around bulky physical samples when meeting clients regarding countertop and surfacing issues. Fortunately with an iPhone or iPod Touch, every single color and finish available can now be viewed on the go; the texture of countertop materials can be viewed in full screen mode while the iPod/iPhone is placed over the desired surface. 

The mySurface application is extremely user-friendly: you can scroll through patterns and shades easily and save ‘favourites’ for future comparisons.

In the near future, improved versions of mySurface could even allow you to take photos of a surface while virtually placing different textures over the surface to get a realistic preview of the finished countertop. This would certainly be very helpful in allowing clients to feel more confident with their choices while enhancing quick decision making.

No more lugging around bulky material samples!













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