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Splashes of Red

May 24th, 2010 | No comments

Using red in interior design takes guts.

Too often, we see built spaces that use red inappropriately; too much red and your room will appear loud and even vulgar. Use the color too sparingly and your room appears weak, as the intended visual interest gets washed into the rest of the environment. Fortunately, a room that is well-designed with red stands out in a bold and beautiful way.

Sleek modern red lends vitality to this otherwise stark space.

Red is truly versatile when it comes to mixing and matching colors. Red and turquoise create a luxurious and somewhat royal appearance that is soothing on the eyes. For a more conventional route, splash some red against white backgrounds for stark and interesting contrasts in hue. Red even goes well with various primary colors: red and purple form a chic, trendy, and young outlook. With brown, an exotic flavor is produced.

Use red to design your interiors the same way you would use paprika to spice up your delicacies.

Glossy. Sleek. Bold.

The light toned countertop and cabinets sit in subtle contrast against a sea of red tiles.

An unexpected touch of red adds life to an otherwise sterile-looking kitchenette.

As you would have already noticed by now, splashes of red work create greater visual interest than blocks or chunky shades.

Designer Diana Vreeland relates the employment of red in interior designs to the use of paprika in the culinary arts. Give your room an edge; make it a bold fashion statement.

Red tones in the rug and light fixtures add warmth to this room.

Source: Houzz Website


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