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The basic 'built-in' Kitchen Island

May 7th, 2010 | No comments

A basic built-in island consists of built-in cabinets roofed with a countertop. Such a design not only provides extra storage and counter space, but also allows the kitchen user to work from all four sides since the island does not lean against a wall. Naturally, this design also creates ample space for more than one person to be involved in food preparation.

The Island sits comfortably in the heart of the kitchen, leaving ample working space for food preparation and washing. The countertop doubles up as a breakfast bar or casual dining area.

Popular options for the island countertop include the Cambria Quartz for a lush appearance. For a slightly more inexpensive option, consider the Artisan Group Classics Granite, or even the Avonite Foundations solid surface countertop for great economical value.

The basic built-in island features spacious cabinetry that provide plenty of extra storage space for kitchen accessories, or even a mini fridge.

The built-in island design gives the homeowner versatility in creating custom shapes and designs for their countertop. Placed in the heart of the kitchen, this center-piece should be built to stand out. You can inject energy into the kitchen by using a distinctive countertop material that contrasts nicely with the kitchen cabinets.

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