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The thing about Black Cabinets

May 14th, 2010 | No comments

The thing about Black Cabinets

Banish that old myth from your head; yes, the one that says black cabinets are only for contemporary or modern kitchens. Black kitchen cabinets can also be fantastic complements to traditional kitchen settings!

Contemporary Kitchens:

Black kitchen cabinets and contemporary kitchen décor naturally complement each other. For instance, stainless steel appliances contrast nicely with the warm texture of black cabinets. However to avoid making your kitchen features becoming too detached from each other, it would be wise to install recessed lighting, which further adds warmth to the room.

As for countertops, any shiny and sleek surface would blend well into rest of the kitchen with the black cabinets. A great option would be the Zodiaq Quartz countertop from DuPont, a symbol of strength and lustrous beauty.

Black cabinets can blend into any kitchen setting if the countertop design and layout of room accessories are planned carefully.

Traditional Kitchens:

Moving on to traditional kitchens, you should first take note that kitchen cabinets take up almost a massive three quarters of the room. This means that with black cabinets, all other design accessories should be inclined towards the traditional style. Here are some useful pointers: use hardwood floors to add shades of warmth that progress to conventional painted walls. Finally, illuminate the entire room with chic light fittings.

If you own a large kitchen, opt for granite countertops with black highlights. A great option would be an Artisan Stone countertop to give the kitchen a smooth flow of continuity. But beware: keep the black accessories to a minimum if you own a small kitchen, for excess black in a small area creates feelings of confinement!

The key to successfully combining black cabinets with the right countertop in any kitchen setting is careful planning.

Source: Design Wagen Website


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